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To create an ever increasing community of patrons who enjoy our unique experience of personalized hospitality.


We welcome the ever increasing members of our growing family by enriching their well-being.

Company Overview


The Guests:

  • Greet your family before you are greeted
  • Observe meticulous attention to detail and maintain strict diligence to all their personal preferences.
  • Exceed expected norms of personalized service always.
  • Delight in the presence of our family

The Associates:

We Smile to see your smile
Our Team is united as one
We Aim to learn and deliver
Mutual Respect will develop our relations and starts from within

The values of the company are geared towards – owners, guest and associates;


To deliver total guest satisfaction by effective and innovative Management.


To provide a healthy return on investments and maintain equipment, appearance of the properties to the maximum.


To create the environment for its employees, in which they can prosper and perform duties to the best of their abilities. Training is provided to employees at all levels to help them further develop professionally in their careers.

ETA StarHospitality LLC is a registered hotel management company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, operating under the commercial name; EtaStarHospitality Hotels & Resorts. The owning company of EtaStarHospitality Hotels & Resorts is Dubai-based conglomerates ETA-Ascon Star Group, a company with significant interests in the region.

The group successfully and professionally runs establishments in core businesses including, Trading & Shipping, Construction, Real Estate, Electro Mechanical, Power Project, Agencies, Retailing & Distribution, Consultation Services, Leisure, etc..

Under the umbrella of ETA-Star Property Developers LLC, the overall plan is to bolster the services offered by EtaStarHospitality Hotel & Resorts and build up the company to a leading level in the region and internationally. Hospitality experience includes ownership of up market food chains, coffee shops and hotels.

EtaStarHospitality Hotels & Resorts is the specialized hotel management organization based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. EtaStarHospitality Hotels & Resorts mainly undertakes contracts to operate Hotel and Hotel Apartments. The company is committed, above all, to ensure a good return through the establishment of efficient operations systems, professionalism in hospitality and a solid corporate structure.

A group of experienced hoteliers, of different nationalities, with sound understanding of the hotel industry, brought together to form a team, ensures that working with EtaStarHospitality Hotel & Resorts is a competent and first class experience. This team has a sound knowledge of the requirements and traditions in the countries it operates and is experienced to operate in a multi-cultural environment.

Wide-ranging policies and procedures are developed to lead the operation of each department, as well as in the area of new project analysis, financial planning, forecasting, market research and the implementation of individual hotel’s operational strategies.

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